So you have completed the shutdown and feel strong and fertile; what now?   The next things you do are very important:

  • First and most importantly, you keep doing all the healthy eating, diet and exercise things you have come to “love”.  Make sure to have your 8 glasses of water a day, try to continue juicing or at least making healthy smoothies if you can; or will.  Take your supplements – that are not cleansing supplements (except fiber if you need it).  Visit Our Store for prenatal vitamins, digestive aids, natural progesterone cream and so much more.
  • Next, do you know how to use the progesterone cream after shutdown?  You will not be shutting off ovulation any longer so from here on you would use it only once ovulation has occurred up until menses.  No need to go off the cream and wonder if your period will come.  It will come, even on the progesterone cream, if you have ovulated but not conceived.
  • Consider a fertility monitor like the Fertility Tracker, OvaCue or even LH test trips to know when you are about to ovulate.  We prefer the Fertility Tracker for cost and efficiency.
  • Take your temps if you like.  You can read about how to here by searching through the categories or tags.
  • Watch your symptoms carefully.  Determine how your body is behaving now and how it may need some more tweaking.
  • Join our group.
  • Follow us on Facebook (beyond fertility)

We would love to have you stay in touch for support or updates.  Feel free to ask us questions.  There is still a journey ahead; maybe short, maybe longer but nevertheless a journey.


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