This is from Anne Searles.      She used to be in our support group before things were turned more toward having the information on the website.   You can sign up for our email support list by using the link on the side bar.

Please notice that she cleansed, did vitex and really researched to know her stuff.   She also mentions about progesterone cream and how it works and when it helped and when it didn’t.   The creams are in our catalog store under Cycle Balance Cream and Happy PMS Cream.  

I think this is powerful.

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Anne had a baby boy on December 10th, 2000. here is her story – it’s long but awesome

This will just be a little bit on how I believe I was able to conceive.

Last year my cycles were running around 32 days consistently thanks toacupuncture. I started using progesterone cream (PC) in August thinking thatalone would help my luteal phase (LP). Since I wasn’t taking into considerationthat I would O later because of my longer cycle, I used the PC starting day 12or so. I did feel much better over all and slept REALLY well. I then joined theWalnut Study and had to stop using the PC. Within a month my cycles started tostretch out to 40+ days and by September or October I dropped out of the studybecause I couldn’t handle the stress of “when is it coming”.

I dedicated October to studying the archives and reading whatever I could onherbs for treating infertility. I immediately started taking Gaia Vitex Elixirin combination with the PC. I was still taking the PC starting day 12. I wasnoticing EWCM about three days later but wasn’t really getting a dip risepattern. My chart looked more like a heart monitor. Although my temps were nowin the 97’s vs. the 96’s. I added Herb’s Etc Cycle 1 Estrotonic to thefollicular phase (FP), hoping it would help my O. I continued this regime untilJanuary.

January cycle I started the CAD diet and continued my research. I startedreading on how PC doesn’t necessarily heal your body but rather provides a quickfix to the problem. I really wanted to be healed. I stopped the PC and increasedmy dosage of Vitex. By this time I switched to Gaia Vitex Alfalfa Supreme as Iwas told that once your cycles are consistent you shouldn’t use the Elixir.After increasing my dosage I noticed a marked improvement of my cycle and theway I felt. Also in January I started cleansing with Natures Secret MultiHerb/Multi Fiber. I noticed I did have all the signs of O in January except forthe nice thermal dip rise.

February cycle I added Black Cohosh after AF was over and as soon as I O’d orsimulated O to help with my EWCM. I switched to AIM’s Herbal Fiberblend forcleansing. I continued with my increased Vitex dosage and low and behold I O’dthat cycle! Unfortunately DH was out of town so no pg that month.

I had stopped doing the CAD diet after 6 weeks of reaching a 4 lb lossplateau. I wasn’t necessarily discouraged but realized that there must besomething else wrong with me. So I started researching the liver and found TheLiver Cleansing Diet (LCD) book. That book really opened up my mind as to theliver’s function with metabolism and the flow of hormones to the rest of yourbody. I had basically been cleansing my liver since January, but really wantedto focus only on that organ. Both DH and I switched to that diet and I lost anadditional 4 lbs in two weeks. I was so excited. Not just because I was loosingweight, but because I had obviously found my key to weight loss and I FELT SOGREAT. If you don’t want to follow the eating plan, I still encourage you toread the book. I provides so much information on the livers function.

This brings us to March. I continued with the LCD and switched to just plainGaia Chasteberry (Vitex), continued with the Cycle 1 and the Black Cohosh. Wellwe BD’d on the day I had a dip and then I had a nice rise the next day! Then thenext day I had a dip even further down than the previous dip (2nd cycle likethis BTW). DH was going to be in Reno for the night and that afternoon Idecidedto go along with him. We BD’d that night and the next morning my temp shot evenhigher and STAYED up.

Melissa had told me that this double dip pattern is common so that’s why weBD’d on both days. Well, needless to say my temps stayed up and up. On Sunday,April 9 (16 DPO) I decided to test. It was negative. I just about fell apart. Ihadn’t been this upset about a negative result in years. I started flying offthe handle to DH about how I should just quit all these herbs, because Iobviously wasn’t getting pg. The every calm DH said, “No now just hang inthere. You’re doing great and you know you would feel like you sold out if youdid it any other way.” As usual when I’m flying off the handle, he wasright! Sigh!

Next day I got a message from Melissa (from another group) asking me if I waspg. I told her about Sunday and she asked me what my afternoon temps were like.I had no idea because I never took my temps in the afternoon. She said if theywere up I was pg. So I got out my BBT thermometer and my regular thermometer.Popped them both in my mouth and TRIED to relax. The BBT said 98.9 and theregular said 99.5 or something. I knew there was something going on becauseusually I run below 98.6 on the regular thermometer. So that night when I wentto sleep I prayed saying “God when I get up in the morning I’m going totake my temp and if it’s up I’m going to test again. Please let me either startAF during the night (so the stress would be over with) or let the test bepositive. Amen”

At 4:30 my bladder went off so I took my temp again; it was still up. Ratherreluctantly I went to the bathroom got out the test and prayed I would be ableto hit the test strip in my morning fog. I capped the strip, put in on the tubnext to me and finished my business. Probably 30 seconds later I looked at itagain and there was the faintest pink line. I put the test on the sink, washedmy hands. rubbed my eyes really well, looked at the test again and just fellapart! The line was now bright pink. Through my tears I thanked God for thismiracle and for this list. My poor overworked and under slept husband wasawakened by my screech. Poor guy just about had a heart attack. He was so happyall he could do is smile and hug me….

So that’s this years story in a nut shell. I firmly believe that cleansingand the Vitex got my body working normally. Vitex helped my pituitary glad workproperly and the cleansing of the liver and colon helped the hormones, bile, etcflow through properly. For the two months prior to my pregnancy I really feltlike a brand new car. Everything was working perfectly and I was humming alongbeautifully.

I would recommend to anyone starting out, especially if you’re coming fromallopathic medicine to get in touch with a Naturopathic Physician orAcupuncturist to help you along in your journey. Coming off those drugs can belike throwing your body into menopause in a weeks time. Also, and I cannotstress this enough if you’re going to cleanse, start cleansing before TTC. Giveyourself three months of dietary cleansing or whatever a “pillprogram” requires. If your organs aren’t clean the herbs and your hormonescannot flow through your body properly. Be prepared to feel crappy maybe thefirst month you cleanse. It can be a tough process. Also, take this cleansingtime to read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” (TCOYF), “Women’sBody Women’s Wisdom”, and the archives. Take the time to evaluate yourselfand what you really want out of natural methods.

I think the most surprising thing for me was, once I calmed down and startedto really think things through it all became so clear and simple to me. I had tostop thinking about what someone else was taking, their symptoms, and why theywere taking something and I had to focus on ME and MY BODY.

To simplify what the key was to M-E “Get the pituitary gland to workagain (vitex) and open the path ways so everything can move along smoothly(cleansing)” I hope this helps you all and brings a sense of peace and notmore confusion. I have my 2nd appointment tomorrow and if the Dr does anotherultrasound we’re going to find out the sex. It is just so surreal to talkingabout myself in this manner.

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