So did you ever feel like you couldn’t drink another glass of water even though you had read over and over how important it is for you?

Well, it is very important and we try to stress that here at Infertility Workshop.  If you have menstrual cramps for instance, then water will hydrate your muscles to help them not to cramp as much.   If you have issues with miscarrying early on, you may be surprised to know that the muscles of the uterus are MUSCLES and that means you need to be hydrated in order to keep from becoming rigid and not being able to contract and release lightly for the proper blood flow.

So how to drink that 64 oz per day or more?  I have been juicing for many years and have recently found thrown in among the recipes a common answer.

Tasty Water is what I call it, or Better Tasting Water and it consists of:

1 gallon pitcher of water (filtered or well is always best)

1 lemon washed and then cut into thin slices.  (take off the ends)

1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger.  Just peel it and grate it.

1 peeled cucumber sliced thin.

Your favorite fruity tea bags as long as they don’t have sugar can also be added to make your water taste better too.  I like Celestial Seasonings tea for yummier water.  There are so many great flavors but my favorite would be a combination of True Blueberry and Wild Berry Zinger.  In a 2 quart pitcher put 2 Wild Berry Zinger and 1 True Blueberry and let steep until room temperature.  You can add ice also if you like but remember that cold foods are not good during cramping and it also makes your liver work harder.

I know this is not juicing or eating healthy for fertility but it is close enough that it belongs in these categories.  Try some flavors of your own.

See all of the Celestial Seasonings Teas here.


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