Getting Started in TTC – Trying to Concieve

Getting Started in TTC. Please visit the Start Here page for a better glimpse into this subject and a complete list of categories. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are busy making Infertility Workshop a better learning experience.

Featured Articles and their Descriptions:

  • Testimonies: Get inspired by others who have gone before you and
    traveled the same road, believing it led someone hopeless.  The
    road might not seem too tough when you see how others have made it
  • Cleansing for TTC:  This is one of most popular pages / sections
    of Infertility Workshop.  It is vital to your health and well being
    to cleanse your body from age-old toxins, weighing your health and
    fertility down.  Read about the NPC Shutdown – a 3-month program
    for a new you all over.  We have had tremendous success with this
  • Basics:  When starting out, it is good to know a few basics. This
    page will give you a taste of the basic starters in TTC; good to know
  • What’s YOUR diagnosis?:  Does the name say it all?  How do
    you even know where to start if you don’t know what is holding you
    back?  Get an overview here.
  • Colon Cleansing:  Many of the most respected names in natural
    health all agree on one thing; colon cleansing is the key to vibrant
    health.  Get rid of the junk that is weighing you down and wreaking
    havoc on your entire body; including your endocrine system.
  • Eating Smart:  The key to health along with cleansing is, of
    course, building.  What better way to then to know how to eat for
  • Herbal Glossary:  What do certain actions of herbs mean?  It
    is not wise to take anything that you do not understand; especially when
    a baby might be involved.
  • Fertility Aids:  Just what it says – what one can use to aid
  • Fertility Supplements:  Take a look at what experts all over say
    about the needs of men and women for fertility.
  • Men’s Health:  Everything you’ll want to know about male
  • Light Sensitivity:  As funny as it may seem, it could be
    something as simple as getting rid of those nightlights and giving your
    pineal gland a rest at night.
  • Prescriptions:  Take a good look at the drugs you are taking and
    what the Physician’s Desk Reference or the actual prescription websites
    have to say.  The stuff your doctor may have never mentioned –
    sadly enough, may not even know.
  • TTC Terms Glossary:  Does it all sound Greek to you?  Read
    up on the lingo and join in with the popular TTC (trying to conceive)
  • Cervical Mucus:  Not everyone has it but EVERYONE wants to know
    how to get it; or at least improve it to get pregnant.
  • Detoxifying with Herbs:  The importance of detoxifying with herbs
    and which ones are the subjects in this article. One of the most
    powerful, healthy things you can do is to detoxify from all your past
    “mistakes” and assist your body by cleansing with herbs.
  • The War on Fat:  Everyone’s trying to lose weight but is it the
    best way?
  • Candida Test: Take a mini-quiz and see what your candida factor is.
  • DES Explained:  Do you know about DES?  It is important to
    read about this unfortunate disease born from the misuse and lack of
    testing of this harmful drug, used years ago on millions of women.
    Their children bore the burden of this terrible crime against
    motherhood.  We need to learn about it and think smarter about what
    we put in our bodies.
  • Immune System:  It will all sound like nerdy science if you don’t
    understand the importance of the immune system and other major


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