What is the best day to get pregnant?

What is the best day to get pregnant?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions at Infertility Workshop.com

Seeing that we are all about naturally enhancing fertility methods let’s talk about what we can do to figure this out naturally; shall we?

There are several items listed here that help to pinpoint ovulation. When you are able to figure out when you will ovulate then you just have to back track or note the changes and watch for them to reoccur. You only need one book, which is also below, but most women we have found want the easiest, fastest, cleanest fertility aid, for a good price; not a lot of reading. Click on the links to take you to the product sites or to Whole Family Health.com where you can find all products mentioned here at InfertilityWorkshop.com.

First a good fertility monitor. There is quite a range for ovulation prediction gadgets and we have listed what we believer to be the best fertility monitoring gadgets.

Our favorite type would be a salivary ferning method such as The Fertility Tracker. Using your saliva is clean and convenient. Lick your finger and apply to the slide and voila. This has 6 slides so you can revisit your results for several days, does require you to pee on anything (no cleanup as well) and it comes with a 44 page booklet with many other helpful tips about natural family planning, fertility and even menopause.

Price: low cost at $39.95 or less. Ease: Very easy to use Strengths: Long lasting, small, non-invasive and multiple uses. Weakness: We don’t see one.

OvaCue is expensive for most but really does a great job and like the Fertility Tracker will last a life time; making it perfect for the long haul and for other children down the road. It is a little more complicated yet a very versatile monitor and worth the price. Like the Fertility Tracker it is good for life; just don’t lose the parts along the way.

Price: $199.00-$299.00 Ease: Simple early on Strengths: Lasts forever, compact, great software and multiple uses. Weakness: Cost

Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy Wheel
Fairhaven Health’s ovulation prediction and pregnancy calculations include when to visit the doctor, due date and when tests are run along with other helpful notes along the way. It is a cardboard wheel and can go in your purse, desk drawer or next to bed for quick access.

Price: $6.95 Ease: Simple Strengths: Lasts forever, compact, great software and multiple uses. Weakness: Cardboard and limited.

Ovulation Calendar – an ovulation prediction program that uses menstrual cycle information to generate your personal fertility calendar, and lets you choose the gender of your baby.

Price: $6.95 Ease: Simple Strengths: Software and therefore multiple uses. Weakness: Not portable except by laptop

Now that we have covered the fertility monitors / tracking software etc. what else do we need to get pick the right day to get pregnant?

Well, now you are going to use these tools. You are going to look for ferns and read the booklet with the Fertility Tracker or line up your date you last menstruated with the ovulation calendar and pregnancy wheel or you will download your ovulation calendar software and start to fill in the graphs so you can chart your next probable days or you are going to read the directions of the OvaCue and start keeping track of your on and off days.

You may want to pick up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and learn a little more than you can find here or at any other site because it is just that good a book.

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