Hormone Levels

Hormone Follicular Phase Day of LH Surge Mid-Luteal Phase Comments
LH <7 mIU/ml >15 mIU/ml n/a Ovulation remains possible while LH is normal.   When LH levels rise to about a third of the level of a woman’s postmenopausal FSH level, menopause is consider complete. 
FSH <13 mIU/ml >15 mIU/ml n/a 5-20 normal range; too low <5 can mean pituitary or hypothalmic failure; High 40mIU/ml – 200mIU/ml causes can be post menopausal, removal of ovaries or ovarian failure.  Over 20 may indicate menopause within 5 years.
Estradiol Early follicular 30-150
Late follicular 100-500 ng/ml.
>100 pg/ml >60 pg/ml
Late lut:  30-150 ng/ml.
Perimenopausal: >20, Menopausal: 40-200 ng/ml.
Progesterone <1.5 ng/ml >15 ng/ml
Hormone Comments Levels at anytime in the body
Prolactin <25 ng/ml
TSH 0.4-3.8 uIU/ml
Free T3 1/4-4.4 pg/ml
Free Thyroxine (T4) 0.8-2.0 ng/dl
Total Testosterone often times in their 30-40s women are low in testosterone – often <10-20 ng/ml. 6.0-86 ng/dl other sources say 20-85 ng/ml.
Free Testosterone 0.7-3.6 pg/ml
DHEAs 35-430 ug/dl
Androstenedione 0.7-3.1 ng/ml
Laboratory results may vary as far as "normal" ranges.  These levels are from Listening to Your Hormones by Gillian Ford and A Couple’s Guide to Fertility by Goldstein and Fuerst.


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