Light Sensitivity

From Your Fertility Signals by Merrill Winstein
Some women experiment with using light to help the pineal gland regulate their cycles and boost recovery (from the pill – birth control). The woman simply sleeps in absolute darkness except on the 14th, 15th and 16th days after menstruation begins. On those nights, she leaves a small light bulb on in the room. After two or three cycles, many women find that their mucus pattern is more distinct, menstruation is shorter and heavier and cycles become 29-31 days in length. (my note: As suggested in other sources, one should actually “go with the moon” for natural patterns. This would mean on the days of the full moon one would sleep with out blinders and therefore the cycle would take on natural patterns.)

From Fertility Cycles and Nutrition:
Sensitivity to Night Lighting
Unlikely as it sounds, sensitivity to night lighting may cause scant or patchy mucus,prolonged more fertile mucus, short luteal phases, other cycle irregularities, and infertility even with regular cycles.
As anyone who has ever suffered jet lag can attest to, the body has a definite bioligical clock that resists resetting. This rhythm is entrained by the natural day-night cycle, and nerve impulses that originate from the light receptors of the eyes ultimately affect many of the body’s hormones, including the reproductive hormones.

It goes on to say that Africans are taught to “be in the moon”.Their’s is a very pro-child culture, and the wife told us that her mother advised her to have intercourse during the dark phase of the moon. – it explains but I cannot type it all…….Lest you wonder how small amounts of light can affect a sleeping woman, realize that light rays are capable of penetrating the eyelids and the dark-adapted retina is exquisitely sensitive even to very low level of illumination. A specific neural route from the eyes sends information about lighting to the pineal gland; this gland responds to light-related neural stimuli by secreting or failing to secrete several hormones which in animals, at least, markedly affect reproduction.

My note: Buy a sleep mask and “stay with the moon” and put them back on after the full moon.

Remember that the Lord made two lights; one to govern the day and the other LESSER light to govern the night.

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