Estrogen vs. Progesterone

The following is from the book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” by Dr. John R. Lee He explains in his book that too much estrogen in relation to progesterone is very unhealthy and of the importance of balancing with natural progesterone cream. Renewed Balance is such a cream. Progesterone articles.

Estrogen Effects vs Progesterone Effects

The first column is estrogen effects, while the second column is progesterone effects. Estrogens are wonderful hormones. They are very powerful for good reasons but should be countered by the body to keep a proper ratio. Consider estrogen like the gas pedal and progesterone like the break. It’s important not to speed out of control.

Estrogen Effects Progesterone Effects
creates proliferative endometrium – estrogen builds it maintains secretory endometrium – progesterone fluffs it up.
breast stimulation protects against breast fibrocysts
increased body fat helps use fat for energy
depression and headaches natural anti-depressant
salt and fluid retention natural diuretic
interferes with thyroid facilitates thyroid hormone action
increased blood clotting normalizes blood clotting
decreases libido restores libido
impairs blood sugar control normalizes blood sugar levels
loss of zinc and retention of copper (PMS) normalizes zinc and copper (no PMS)
reduced oxygen levels in all cells restores proper cell oxygen levels
increased risk of endometrial cancer prevents endrometrial cancer
increased risk of breast cancer helps prevent breast cancer
slightly restrains osteoclast function (eating old bone) stimulates osteoblast function (bone building)
reduces vascular tone restores normal vascular tone
increases risk of autoimmune disorders precursor of corticosterone production
increases risk of gallbladder disease necessary for survival of embryo

Read more about natural progesterone and balancing out of control estrogen.

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