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Do you want to overcome infertility?  Stop running around the internet looking for quick fixes and stay awhile at InfertilityWorkshop.  We help you make healthy babies; naturally.   We have been on the internet helping couples since 1998 and we get results; NATURALLY.

Natural health is what we do. Helping couples overcome infertility is our passion and has been since before we got on the web in 1998. The stories of women who have come through online infertility support group keep me motivated and fighting for the next couple to come by.  God has blessed many couples who were willing to lay down their bad habits and worn bodies in order to achieve the ultimate goal in parenting;  a happy, healthy baby to love.

I look forward to joining you on your journey and helping you along the way.   Blessings, Brenda

DID YOU KNOW?   The human reproductive process is intricate and complex. Infertility and the need for natural fertility treatments is at an all time high. In the U.S. an estimated between10-15% of women between the ages of 15 to 44, or about 6.2 million, have impaired fertility and the incidence is increasing. About 25% of women experience some period of infertility during of infertility during their reproductive years. This number is growing still.Male infertility is equally on the rise. It is not so simple as a woman’s problem anymore. Sperm counts are low and morphology is high.

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Read this article to understand our commitment to you and your baby. We truly care about you and want to educate you into fertility. Infertility is a serious issue but infertility treatments are not usually necessary. The cause of infertility, whether it be male infertility, female infertility, primary and secondary infertility or undiagnosed reasons for infertility, needs to be looked at as an infertility doctor would but with wisdom found through nature; not chemicals and fertility drugs.

Often times Clomid, Progestins, Glucophage and other fertility drugs are prescribed when a simple dose of natural progesterone cream (like Cycle Balance Cream or Happy PMS natural progesterone cream) will do.  Glucophage is a perfect example of something unnatural and chemical in makeup being prescribed in place of a natural healthy alternative.  Adding foods high in fiber fiber to your diet
rather than taking a prescription drug with side effects is the beginning of taking control of your health and a healthy start to pregnancy.  Not interested in eating all the fiber you need?  Try FiberKlenz Plus in our store .

The majority of miscarriages happen due to low progesterone and low estrogen but fertility doctors do not make money on those products. The cost of infertility is also a factor and need not be;  it cost very little to purchase herbs or supplements for enhancing fertility but costs thousands for fertility doctor fees, hormone testing for FSH, LH, Progesterone, Thyroid, Estrogen and Testosterone,  IVF (in vitro fertilization) and all the infertility clinics and blood tests.

So let’s see what Infertility Workshop has for information in contrast to the mainline infertility specialist route; shall we?  How about getting pregnant naturally?   How about dealing with things like obesity and infertility, fibroids and infertility, acupuncture and  infertility, male factors, Chinese medicine infertility treatments and while we are at it, why not grab a glass of water (preferably clustered or activated m-water) for your uterus, an apple instead of glucophase or metformin, some vitamins good for fertility instead of infertility pills from a prescription, sit back and let’s get going –  getting you pregnant naturally.

Do you know that you really ARE what you eat?  Life begets life. Eating healthy for fertility is the first place to start.  We don’t just care
about your fertility planning, we care about your baby, as you should, BEFORE your baby is born.

Fact: When your cells are growing, thriving and healthy then everything falls into line.  It takes LIFE to make LIFE. Let us help you to be the healthiest you have been in preparation for that new life.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired take a look at our nutritional products section of our catalog store. You’ll love how you can feel and your baby will benefit from it as well! We believe in natural products; whole foods.  This means that we are essentially NOT prescribing drugs but food, in concentrated form.

Getting healthy as we said above is the first step to a healthy family all around.  Natural fertility comes from a healthy lifestyle. Eat, drink and move towards fertility today. Happy PMS and AIM natural progesterone cream forwomen, Adams Prostate (progesterone cream for male prostate problems), Equalizer Plus for men and women with the pain of arthritis from an acidic diet, herbs,supplements, ZRT Hormone Testing at home hormone saliva test kits for testingestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and many more.   Shutdown page for those who wish to jump start fertility and put an end to infertility issues forever:

We believe first and foremost in cleansing for TTC.  Cleanse your colon, empty your body of toxins and heavy metals and whatever else would impair fertility.  Most everyone who has conceive would say it was worth the cleansing for TTC and that it made the biggest difference.

Check out our ever growing list of progesterone cream, fertility and hormonal balance articles.

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