This testimony is from M who does not want her name, her husband’s or her baby boy’s on the web but feels that her testimony might help others. Her natural approach to health paid off; TWICE.

But those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall rise up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 – The Lord gave me this verse at age 13 to be my life verse – but it wasn’t until my recent struggle with infertility that I understood the depth of His love for me and a true understanding of that scripture from the Old Testament.

As a young woman – if you would have asked me if I was ever to get married – I would have put my nose up at you and said emphatically – NO – or at least not till I am in my 30’s – . My priorities as a young woman (not that I am too old now heheh – will be 30 in January 2001) were God first – then traveling and seeing the world and my career – I had no time for men in my life —– HAH! when I was 20 – I had just come back from Israel – and met the love of my life – I fell gaga googoo in love with my husband and we were married when I was 23. Now if you had asked me at that time if I wanted kids – again that look would have come upon me – like are u crazy? I have no desire nor time for kids – both of us felt the same way – and as we are very compatible – our priorities were the Lord and ministry and then our career and traveling and friends.

Well just a little over 2 years ago (November 97) – I woke up and it hit me like a ton of bricks – God created in me an unsatiating, overwhelming maternal desire to have kids. This was so not me – but in the Lord it was. I wanted to be a mommy…………. SO being the planner that I am – I said to my husband in December of 97 – we will start trying now – and by April I will be pregnant – well April came and went….. and with each passing month my doctors told me I had less and less of a chance to ever be pregnant.

I was shocked that this was happening to us. But God had things to teach my husband and I…… and so we prayed and asked God for wisdom and direction. I had not told a soul of my problem – I was embarrassed and humiliated and thought I was a freak (come to find out now – there are so many women who face IF – I believe IF is a disease due to our present diets – and also again – God had other plans for us). So in Nov of 98 – my mom was introduced to this living foods diet – God’s original diet – based on raw fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts , good fats, Barleygreen™ and carrot juice – He explained how this diet can heal our bodies from disease and there are thousands that can testify to this effect – that have been healed from cancer, IF, ms etc.. so my mom had me listen to the tape in Nov – and it made sense to me – but I was not ready to make such changes and did not see the deep connection between diet and disease.  My mom knows me well – once I have a passion for something I go full force ahead – that passion for this diet was not there and she truly believed in it – so she began to pray-

Now hubby and I had gone away to California for our 5th year anniversary that December – and the day I came back I had an appointment with the gyno – she wanted me to take this test called an HSG – still I had not told anyone of IF – but God told me I had to tell my mom – well she went to see a man speak about the Live Foods Diet at a church down here – and he was convinced that the diet can heal and invasive tests are not necessary.

I was still confused and prayed for wanted to do was trust the Lord for this without any invasive tests – the night before the test my mom excitedly called and said she met a women that night that was infertile – went on the diet and after a year had the most beautiful, healthy and calm baby – she felt that was confirmation for me not to take the test – that was not enough for me – the Lord knew I needed to hear from Him personally on this – the morning of my test – my devotion was based on the teaching that HE is the potter and we are the clay – that did it for me – I knew that God himself could open my womb and create in me a baby – no need for any invasive test – and so I cancelled the appointment.

Now January came around and I was totally convinced that the diet would heal my body – I became a Barleygreen™ and carrot juice MANIAC!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally committed to the diet and made a complete change – after all – what was the big sacrifice – God had called me to this natural approach and I had to be obedient to that call – so I did not have a choice – but for me that was something I chose to do and God allowed those changes to come so easily and with such excitement as I learned how foods can heal when you do it God’s way. Well – my levels were tested and I realized my problem was low progesterone – and I had read DR. Lee’s book how natural progesterone cream can help this problem – so I bought the Renewed Balance™ progesterone cream and searched and searched – made lots of calls – but no one could tell me exactly how much to use for IF – finally I called AIM™ – and they led me to my friend Brenda :)!

God is so good – IF is a very lonely problem to deal with and God knew needed kinship and to meet others that were facing the same issues and emotions. I became a student under Brenda – I had unending questions for her – and she had unending patience – as I learned the ins and outs of IF. During my time in the group – I was totally committed to the diet and was convinced that the diet alone would heal me – I learned from Brenda – that herbs are from God too and completely natural and so I did takes herbs sometimes also -Infertility is soooo hard to deal with – I woke up with the burden of an empty womb everyday. and it hurt my heart  along with my husband’s. So many of our friends were getting pregnant and I felt left behind – many tears were shed over the past 2 years – but God kept telling me to wait!

I could write a whole other book on how God convinced me if I wait, remain obedient to His diet and trust Him I will get pregnant. He brought me through this time to teach me that He is in control and that if you have a relationship with God – HE promises to do a good work in you. God loved me so much that He had to teach us to trust Him at a deeper level – and so we continued to wait…. God had me pray to be like Hannah – she wanted a child so badly – but she went to the Lord and gave it up to him and then waited and in time the Lord opened her womb! He wanted me to surrender this present struggle to Him and so I did. Don’t get me wrong – with a closed womb my heart hurt terribly and I can remember many an email from Brenda – saying BREATHE  M

The herbs M took besides using the Renewed Balance Progesterone Cream™, Barleygreen™, Herbal Fiberblend™, Juicing and eating the live foods way were Vitex, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, and Licorice root.  We found that the carrot juice helped with her CM, which was non-existent before, and that the blue and black cohosh helped with that as well.  After a shutdown cleanse for 3 months (Cleansing for TTC) and her husband taking horse chestnut, dong quai and Rye Pollen Extracts she was able to conceive within about 5 months. (see the herbal sections for the herbs mentioned here.)

5 months seems like a long time but, in fact before coming to the group she had already tried for almost 3 years and 3 of these months were the shutdown part. She was pregnant within a short time of the shutdown. M needed a little help after her son was born in 2000 and she now has a lovely little girl as well.


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