Q: What other products/herbs/foods might be helpful to use during this time?

A: Let me answer this by explaining a little about how the body works. This will help you understand why some things might not be good right now and why others may help the process along.

There are 12 systems in the body. Although the cleanse is targeted toward certain systems, all twelve body systems, of course, will be affected in general. These 12 systems are:

* Excretory System – large colon
* Digestive System – liver, salivary glands, gallbladder and pancreas
* Endocrine System – Glands, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries, testes
* Lymphatic System – spleen, thymus, appendix, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph vessels and fluid
* Urinary System – kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra
* Reproductive System – ovaries, ova, testes, sperm
* Nervous System – brain, spinal cord, nerves
* Circulatory System – heart, blood vessels, blood
* Integumentary System – skin, hair, nails, oil and sweat glands
* Respiratory System – lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchial tubes, alveoli
* Skeletal System – all bones, cartilage, joints
* Muscular System – all muscular tissue.

The purpose of a good cleanse is to clean, repair and rebuild these systems as quickly, healthily and thoroughly and as naturally as possible. Consider some of the following products for an ideal cleanse which will take charge of your entire body. These are combinations and single herbs or supplements traditionally used and most researched in these areas. Please read the product pages for more individual herbal information.

The Excretory System:
Most of the revolutionaries in natural health agree that the liver and colon are the first places to correct when disease is present. Why they typically begin in the colon is because nutrients cannot penetrate the buildup on its walls from years of the poor diet. Constipation also inhibits the removal of excess estrogens and allows parasites to incubate, most likely taking your nutrients and leaving excrement behind.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have any history of constipation, foreign travel, itching in your anus area, eating sushi or other common invitations to parasites we strongly recommend parasite cleansing for both you and your spouse. In truth most will deny that they could have parasites when it is estimated that 95% of the world has them. Parasites do not respect personhood.

On this subject; we recommend for the best shutdown a parasite cleansing as well. Try Para-Cleanse from Nature’s Sunshine. I cannot tell you how many have thought ill of this idea only to pass things most won’t even talk about, to their horror – and relief.

1st choice for the colon: Fiberzon Plus
Fiberzon Plus from the Amazon is the most powerful colon cleansing you can do. It has anti-parasitic herbs but not enough other than for daily maintenance. Read more about it here and then close the window to come back to this page. You may order at that site if you wish. There are many other products we recommend for hormonal health such as Chocamaca and Sumacazon among others for women and Warrior for men. The matte tea is excellent and helps with weight loss and energy. Shipibo Matte tea from the rainforest is recommended in the New York Times best selling book by Kevin Trudeau.

2nd choice for the colon when accompanied by a history of constipation: LOCLO and Liquid Bentonite Clay in combination to flush out fecal matter and remove toxic build up of heavy metals. This is a daily maintenance. The LOCLO is like apple pie and the bentonite clay is tasteless; you won’t even know it is there. You can find these products on the Nature’s Sunshine Product Pages.

For cleansing and strengthening the liver here are a few choices. Some of them come in a combination pack. Those listed in this section can be found HERE. Close the window when you are finished to come back to this page.

Envirozon: Protects against environmental toxins*, Supports healthy liver and kidney function*, Helps the body to eliminate toxins*,

We live in a world that surrounds us daily with pollutants and toxins of all kinds. Envirozon? assists the body’s natural ability to cleanse and restore balance after exposure to environmental impurities. Its strong antioxidant properties are particularly important to liver function, which is key to overall cleansing and detoxification of the body.

Envirozon’s? Rainforest botanicals include Jurubeba, Quebra Pedra, and Una de Gato. Jurubeba facilitates the body’s ability to reduce toxic excesses. Quebra Pedra fortifies the body’s natural filtering organs while stimulating the defense system. Una de Gato’s reputation as an overall cleansing agent is well known and documented. *

Digestazon: Promotes optimal digestion*, Stimulates liver function*, Helps maintain healthy intestinal flora* Helps ease intestinal bloating and digestive discomfort*

Digestazon? aids the body’s natural process of digestion and nutrient absorption. Efficient digestion is considered to be a major factor in radiant health. Sluggishness and heavy or bloated feelings after eating may be associated with inefficient digestion. Using Digestazon? Before or after meals is an ideal way to boost optimal digestion. Digestazon? includes Carqueja, Boldo, Anise, Peppermint. Carqueja supports the healthy functioning of the stomach and intestinal system. Boldo promotes good health through the urinary and digestive systems by creating balance and stimulating waste elimination. Anise was originally used in ancient Egypt and encourages overall digestive comfort. *

Metabazon: This ancient formula helps control blood glucose and assists the body’s natural ability to maintain metabolic harmony. * It provides an energy boost to counter the afternoon energy slump and sweet cravings that may be associated with poor metabolism of sugars. Metabazon? can help facilitate your ability to convert carbohydrates into quick energy for even energy throughout the day. * You’ll find it’s easier to control your weight with Metabazon?, too! * This formula includes Pedra Hume Caa, Pata de Vaca and Stevia

Additional herbal support for the liver:

Rainforest Treasure Tea: This is the tea which is used to nurse anyone suffering from illness back to health in the Amazon. The benefits are what make this tea such a treasure. A full three grams of Rainforest herbs go into each bag for the complete impact of the energy of the Amazon. We carefully combine the separate ingredients in a complimentary, potent recipe to provide you with balanced vitality and maximum clarity.* Even the grind of herbs is calculated for the best flavor and the fastest delivery of enjoyment.

Rainforest Treasure Tea contains Tahari, Chanca Piedra, Stevia, and Chuchuhuasi, as well as strong concentrates of Jatoba and Una de Gato. Shipibo Treasure Tea is an excellent way to deliver these products to your body quickly. Many of our dedicated Rainforest Bioenergetics? associates joined us after simply drinking a cup of Rainforest Treasure Tea. http://www.mylittleamazon.com

Licorice Root is our herb of choice IF high blood pressure or diabetes is not a concern. Choose licorice root when you have facial hair, acne or losing hair from the scalp. This is very important as with hirsutism. If you have endometriosis it is best to talk to an herbalist about which of these would be best for you according to your profile. Consider this herb with PCOS and consider it with full weight if you have high stress or adrenal burnout. In Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, licorice root is the most highly recommended herb. Licorice root is not for those with high blood pressure. At that time Milk Thistle was commonly recommended.

Milk Thistle is a wonderful herb for the liver. While licorice root is recommended in Chinese herbology, milk thistle is more commonly known in the western world. It is one of the most highly recommended herbs for the endocrine system. Consider this herb if you have high blood pressure and cannot take licorice root.

Other suggestions and how to use these herbs and wholefoods:

Barleygreen? – Add to your daily diet Barleygreen for supernutrition now and in the future. Barleygreen has all 8 essential amino acids which gives you all of the necessary building blocks of protein along with vitamins, macro and trace minerals, and micronutrients. The juice is virtually without fiber and therefore can proceed right to the small intestines for better cellular activity. Nothing is lost in digestion or in the colon. Barleygreen contains kelp and chlorophyll which have traditionally been used to help spark the thyroid. It is rich in calcium, folic acid and SOD, an antioxidant. Our family has been using Barleygreen for over 9 years.

Frequensea is also another great product which combines the benefits of the sea (very important to hormonal health including the thyroid) and other essential nutrients. You can read more about this product at http://www.zippyhealth.com We will mention some other great products that we found at this site which our family loves. That is under healthy snacking.

Q: While I am shutting down what other herbs would be helpful to use?

A: For many straight Vitex (also known as chaste tree berry) is very important to the entire cleansing/shutdown time. Vitex has been clinically proven to restore hormonal balance of FSH and LH,to lower prolactin sensitivity and to remove excess estrogens. If at all possible try doing the herbs at the same time if you have cysts, endometriosis or fibroids. Vitex has a reputation of lengthening the luteal phase. More is written on this herb on the Vitex page. Vitex is known to level hormones and should not be looked at as an alternative but an adaptogen; meaning to level out not cause an action.

Other choices would be Sarsaparilla root, Dandelion root Bupleurum root, Astragalus root, Red Clover flowering tops, Rhubarb root, Gentian root, Prickly Ash bark and a few others in combination or for using as specifics. Write to us about these.

Q: While I am cleansing, do you suggest anything else to avoid besides meat (especially meat with hormones and red meat), milk and dairy products, white sugar, refined foods, white flour, caffeine, alcohol.

A: If you are to have animal protein, try to find hormone free or stick with more chicken and turkey since they have less hormones, but don’t be fooled, that does not mean none. Look for grain fed and free range. Concentrate your diet on fresh fruits and vegetables, mostly raw unless you have very low temperatures. In this case you would want to work your way to raw by eating more warm foods that have been lightly steamed or stir fried over low heat. If you cook, do so by light steaming or grilling. Stay away from WHITE products – white flour, white sugar, white rice, white fats (dairy) caffeine and, yes, eat as many fruits and veggies.

The key is balance. Watch for what is best for you. Many will not be able to eat this ideal. Do what you can and hold each food up and ask if this is the temptation that will stand between you and your baby. Always strive to do a little better each day and remember that you are not just eating – or cleansing – for a baby but that your reproductive problems stem from whole body problems that will manifest – or have already – in other disorders.

Remember that 2 steps forward and 1 step back is still 1 step forward. Do not be too hard OR easy on yourself, but do the best you can.

Raw foods or light steaming or light grilling without sauces, if possible. You’ll be surprised at the beautiful taste of real food. Find as many ways to make a salad or to eat fruit as possible and always have baby carrots on hand and apples. They are very easy to pick on and carrots are immensely supportive of the reproductive system.

I cannot sing the praises of juicing enough at this time and forward. Juicing is such an ideal way to get so many wonderful nutrients quickly and easily digested without the normal fiber when eating them. Try Just Carrots, RediBeets and Barleygreen for when time is too short for juicing and cleaning up.

Q: Can I continue to take my other vitamins?

A: I believe you should take whatever you are comfortable with and use now if they are a good source. Please do not purchase laboratory vitamins as these are isolates and are not what they are cracked up to be. If you really feel the need for a prenatal go to our Infertility Workshop Marketplace and you will find healthy choices there. Sea Silver would be our choice.

Folic Acid is very important. Do not be without this if your diet is not rich in leafy green vegetables already. Again find one that is a plant derived not from a laboratory. (if you are juicing, it may not be necessary.)

Bee Pollen has been shown to be helpful in lowering prolactin and raising progesterone and is loaded with naturally occurring and highly usable B-Vitamins. It is a natural antibiotic and immune enhancer and is a complete food in itself. Consider Dr. Christopher’s Bee Power with its many beneficial herbs combined with Bee Pollen to restore energy and stamina.

A proper juicing program, normal bowel movements and proper eating will give you the nutrients you need. Be sure to eat a healthy greens-filled salad daily for folic acid.

Q: I have seen it recommended, drinking 1 cup of raspberry leaf tea daily. Should I do this during the cleanse as well?

A: Raspberry tea is always good for a woman. Up to one quart per day is common for the uterus for toning and strengthening. Some say that you should never have more than a cup per day during pregnancy or luteal phase until the last month in your third trimester. Others say that you should sip it throughout the day. It is best to be on the safe side and drink in moderation once you find that you may be pregnant. It is the most used herbal tea in women’s health. Drink more ahead of time if you have a weak uterus. During the cleanse is a good time to drink more of this tea. You will find that it has a pleasant taste.

Q: Do you carry these herbs in bulk?

A: Yes we do carry in larger quantities to last you the entire cleanse. Since the cleanse can be costly, we understand every bit helps. You can order any herb whether it is listed or not. We offer 15% off most herbs from 2 oz and up. Some of them you may order in 2, 4 or 8 oz sizes. Just fill in the name of the herb when you check out in the “special instructions”. Please ask me if you’d like if these herbs seem right for your profile.

Q: Should I go ahead and start on EPO and/or flaxseed oils during the cleanse as well? I believe it would help, making sure I get Omega 3 Fatty Acids in my system.

A: Although we cannot specifically recommend anything, studies and research show EFAs like these are valuable to a woman every day of her life as well for all aspects of health. EFAs are essential to the make up of every cell.

Studies have shown that in laboratory rats when EFAs were removed completely from the diet ALL pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Though we are not rats we cannot dispute the correlation between EFAs and cellular health.

Evening primrose was also researched and approved as aiding in lowering prolactin levels and lessening PMS. This EFA is safe to use in the follicular phase (pre ovulation) but should be limited to that time only. It is best to use no more than 1 TB of flaxseed oil daily, once you are pregnant to keep the delicate balance of prostaglandins in check. You can read about these more at: Essential Fatty Acids.

Q: I also plan on using the castor oil pack you recommended during the cleanse. How often should this be done during the cleanse?

A: Castor oil packs are best just before doing a heavier cleansing day or any day you choose. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE SEVERELY CONSTIPATED. FOR THAT WE WILL WORK INDIVIDUALLY.

THEN: You MUST drink at least 1 gallon of water, throughout the day, to flush it through and if you want to you may have steamed veggies at the end of the day. The only other thing you should have is Barleygreen? for the maximum nutrition on these super cleansing days.

In the day: Take one or two of the helpings the day of your cleanse then while waiting for it to kick in…. warm your belly with a hot water bottle or heating pad. Take some castor oil and rub generous amounts on your belly, in a clockwise position. Massage it in. SIDE NOTE: When you have gas rub and tap in a circle – clockwise, up to the rib cage and down and around.

Next take a warm towel (Turkish or a very thick towel folded) and place it over the castor oil, place saran wrap around you to hold in the heat and then put a heating pad or hot water bottle on top. Leave on for an hour and wait for things to happen, cleanse, do an enema or go for a colonic. Continue to take the herbs throughout the day up to five times for a thorough one day cleanse. The castor oil will loosen fecal matter in your colon.

Q: I will probably utilize some of the essential oil combos, for detoxifying the body. Anything to help cleanse! Which do you suggest?

A: I would recommend a loofah for the whole body exfoliation and many body soaks and lavender baths. Lavender is a wonderful relaxing friend. Use it in the bath or on your pillow at night to help you sleep.

The skin is the largest organ. Doesn’t it make sense to cleanse IT as well?

Q: During the cleanse/shut-down period, I will probably try to utilize the info you gave about using the Moon to stimulate the pineal gland, to regulate ovulation. I’m thinking that might help my cycle.

A: Information on this is found in greater detail under Lights and TTC in regards to the luteal phase page. Remember to put on a night light during the 3 days of the full moon if you don’t have the moon directly coming in or have all of your shades up and an eye mask would be very helpful for others for the rest of the month. Basically, your eyes and ovaries have a common connection: the Pineal gland, which is very sensitive to night lighting.

As a note, I would like to say that in Genesis the Lord’s word says that there was a lesser light to govern the night. I believe that this theory on the light and the cycles of the moon yet again confirms God’s Word. After all, He set science and nature in place.

Q: I also hope to start a regular exercise program during this time. Optimally, I could probably stand to lose about 40 pounds or so, but I want to do it the healthy way. I despise crash diets.

A: For weight loss, aside from exercise, giving your body the necessary nutrients and using self control is the best option. There is NO substitute for exercise. Every heart needs proper exercise.

For those with endometriosis, stretching and walking are very important. Breathing deeply is also important. Breathe deep into your stomach and relax often as you do it. This helps your uterus to properly contract and release which will help later as well (in labor). This also supplies valuable oxygen to your blood.

I believe this should give you a good overview of what to expect. Do not get overwhelmed. It is only 3 months, but 3 POWERFUL months for the body. Many women find that it is freeing for them to take time off to get healthy and without the pressures of infertility obsessions.


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