NPC Shutdown – Eating for TTC

So here we are ready to move forward with NPC Shutdown and Eating for TTC. 

Eating for health is necessary whether you are trying to conceive or just want to live a long, enjoyable life.  Garbage in, garbage out is really the best way to put it.

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If you are interested in changing eating habits, it will not be easy but it will be worth it.  While cleansing it is especially good to avoid much red meat and especially meat with hormones because beef is already loaded with natural steroids.  Milk and other dairy products, white sugar, refined foods, white flour, caffeine, alcohol are also to be avoided or at least limit the amount you consume.

Many women ask me if organic milk or meat is OK.  My answers are that the sugar in cow’s milk is still the same sugar even if the cow is organically fed and the testosterone is the cow is there even if it is organically fed.  By all means, buy organic, hormone free animal products when ever possible.  Try to find free range, without anti-biotics, hormone free – meaning none added – or stick with more chicken and turkey since they have less hormones.  But don’t be fooled, that does not mean none.

Look for grain fed and free range. Concentrate your diet on fresh fruits and vegetables, mostly raw unless you have very low temperatures. In this case you would want to work your way to raw by eating more warm foods that have been lightly steamed or stir fried over low heat. If you cook, do so by light steaming or grilling. Stay away from WHITE products – white flour, white sugar, white rice, white fats (dairy) caffeine and, yes, eat as many fruits and veggies as you can stand.  Fall in love with juicing, smoothies, salad; you get it.

The key is balance. Watch for what is best for you. Many will not be able to eat this ideal.

Here is what I tell couples.  “Do the best you can.  When you are tempted imagine holding that food up and pondering its worth against the value of the baby you hope for.   Each day strive to do a little better and remember that your reproductive problems stem from your body’s need for more of what it needs to spark new life.”

Remember that 2 steps forward and 1 step back is still 1 step forward. Do not be too hard OR easy on yourself, but do the best you can.

Raw foods, light steaming or light grilling without sauces, is best if possible. You’ll be surprised at the beautiful taste of real food. Find as many ways to make a salad or to eat fruit as possible and always have baby carrots on hand and apples too. They are very easy to pick on and carrots are immensely supportive of the reproductive system.    Nuts and seeds are great food to snack on and provide good oils for your nervous and glandular systems.

I cannot sing the praises of juicing enough at this time and forward. Juicing is such an ideal way to get so many wonderful nutrients quickly and easily digested without the normal fiber when eat them.  See our Juicing for Fertility page.

Here are some recipes below.  You can find smoothie ideas at One Day Protein.

Do you feel that you don’t even know where to start?   Contact us and let us help.  We are here for you.



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