NPC Shutdown – How It All Started

The NPC Shutdown was loosely framed by the late, great Dr John R. Lee MD. He discovered that when women had hormonal imbalance, often time leading to cysts and poor egg quality giving the ovaries a break for around 3 months could be very helpful and better in the long run.

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After several miscarriages and hyperemesis, excessive vomiting and dehydration (see the glossary) during pregnancy, I had great success with natural progesterone cream and went about telling as many as would listen.  My pregnancies were horrific and many ended in miscarriages. 



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My sister and best friend in the world struggled with secondary infertility. She had only one child and her only other pregnancy, after trying several rounds of fertility drugs, ended in early miscarriage. By the time she turned 40, and after trying everything we could learn about at the time, she was told that she was full into menopause.

Imagine what it was to be “Fertile Myrtle” with a house of children and many miscarriages, having a sister who had no hope for more. We were quite a pair. There were so many shared tears and silent moments as well.

I have had 5 live births and 7 births by miscarriage. I have had 12 children in all. My sister has 1 son and 1 in the arms of Jesus.

Don’t get antsy on me because I believe this history is good for you to know in order to explain why I am passionate about helping you.

What I learned trying to help my sister was very valuable. I knew it would help others; even if not her. My friend suggested I join an eGroup, as they were called in 1998. I was excited at the idea but crushed when the groups I joined, were women who wanted babies but wanted them the quick fix way. – You can stop reading if you think we will be suggestion Clomid or its generic knockoffs. We are strictly natural here and quite successful, I might add.

While I understood to some extent, I was terribly saddened by the fact that so few in the groups were interested in knowing, not just how to conceive but, how to conceive a healthy baby. I typed away about the dangers of drugs such as Clomid and Metformin to name a couple but was slammed and ignored. Except by a few; the right few. Those were my first guinea piglets, my first testimonies and I am still close with them today as they raise their children.  They gave me the drive to help countless others since 1998.  There is no ego here; only a genuine love and excitement about what I do and the fruit it has produced; lovely little families being born.

I believed, and still do, that if couples knew how much they would love their babies after birth, they would give them a healthier start before conception. That became my vision and my mission. 

Read on and see if the NPC Shutdown is for you.   

The following is what has become the NPC Shutdown and what has helped 1000s of couples, worldwide, to conceive; many against all odds.

Follow the links above to take you on your NPC Shutdown journey.

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