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Q:   While, I am shutting down are there other herbs would be helpful to use?

A:   The purpose of the cleanse is for healing and clearing.  The next step is to build.

A good hormone balancing supplement with Vitex (also known as chaste tree berry) can be helpful if you are not shutting down for the purpose of cysts or endometriosis.  This may be used during the cleanse or after if you have been shutting down completely.  Female Hormone Balance has the best combination of hormone balancing herbs we have found.  There have been great testimonies to how women have been helped with long cycles, painful periods, peri-menopause and excessive bleeding.  It is not recommended if you have soy or licorice reactions.  Straight vitex would be best if you have a soy allergy.

Vitex is the herb we will highlight here.  It has been clinically proven to restore hormonal balance of FSH and LH,to lower prolactin sensitivity and to remove excess estrogens. If at all possible try doing the herbs at the same time if you have cysts, endometriosis or fibroids. Vitex has a reputation of lengthening the luteal phase. More is written on this herb on the Vitex page. Vitex is known to level hormones and should not be looked at as an alterative but an adaptogen; meaning to level out a condition but not force an action on the body.   Whenever possible we prefer adaptogens because they will leave the body if there is enough of the action or need.  An alternative herb has a specific, more forceful purpose and has its place as well.

Q:   While, I am shutting down are there other herbs would be helpful to use for my man?

A:   Sarsaparilla root is helpful for men who want to clear excess testosterone, more like xenotestosterone.  Also herbs to enhance sperm production like the combinations found in Fertile Male.  These are helpful to restoring balance and vigor to men as well.  Don’t rule out the liver and colon cleansing for them as well.  It is helpful for both to be getting healthier at the same time.  The Infertility Cleanse is excellent choice for both partners, as is the Super Energy Plus.

Q:   What tips do you have for my husband.  What will be done to help him become the best he can during this cleansing time?

A:   The best thing a man can do during this time who does not have any known hormonal issues is to stay away from beer, cigarettes, alcohol and pot.  Also to juice and take supplements along with getting a good amount of exercise to produce the best swimmers he possibly can.

  • Beer raises prolactin in a man which impedes his semen and makes it thicker as does pot.
  • Pot also dwarfs and morphs sperm.
  • Cigarettes impede oxygen which is needed to carry nutrients around in the blood and alcohol in general will burden the liver and kidneys which will also affect the quality of sperm and semen.
  • We would recommend your husband using strengthening wholefood supplements, taking a great multi-vitamin for whole health and glandular support Super Energy Plus, doing a parasite cleanse and considering Fertile Male if there is a concern of low sperm count or sperm / semen quality.

Q:   Can I continue to take my other vitamins?

A:   I believe you should take whatever you are comfortable with and using now, if they are a good source.   Don’t buy just anything off the shelves to save money.  Wholefood nutrition and supplements whenever possible.  We do our best to point you to what works.

Q:   What wholefood supplements would be “ideal”?

A:   The cost of getting healthy can add up quickly.  When ever affordable considering adding any of these wholefood supplements to make “eating” healthier easier. 

  • Green Barley or Chlorophyll – (Visit this site and scroll down)  Add to your daily diet Green Barley for super nutrition now and in the future. Green Barley has all 8 essential amino acids which gives you all of the necessary building blocks of protein along with vitamins, macro and trace minerals, and micronutrients . The juice is virtually without fiber and therefore can proceed right to the small intestines for better cellular activity. Nothing is lost in digestion or in the colon. Green Barley contains kelp and chlorophyll which have traditionally used to help spark the thyroid. It is rich in calcium, folic acid and SOD, an antioxidant.  Chlorophyll is high in magnesium and is like nature’s lifeline in the veins of plants.  If you cannot afford these supplements consider putting kale or spinach into a blender with fruit and protein powder, along with soy, almond or rice milk and water.
  • Sea Aloe is another great choice with or without Barleygreen. (Visit this site and scroll down)  It is also rich in all of the above except chlorophyll but has other antioxidants, cranberry (for the kidneys), and pau d’arco. We cannot express our backing of these two products. It is our opinion that you cannot find better.
  • Folic Acid is very important. Do not be without this if your diet is not rich in leafy green vegetables already.  Folic acid can be found in all prenatal multi vitamins as well.
  • Bee Pollen has been shown to be helpful in lowering prolactin and raising progesterone and is loaded with naturally occurring and highly usable B-Vitamins. It is a natural antibiotic and immune enhancer and is a complete food in itself. Consider Dr. Christopher’s Bee Power with its many beneficial herbs combined with Bee Pollen to restore energy and stamina.  You can also purchase bee pollen in a bag at the health food store and just put a couple tablespoons into a smoothie.

A proper juicing program, normal bowel movements and proper eating will give you the nutrients you need. Be sure to eat a healthy greens-filled salad daily for folic acid.

Q:   I have seen it recommended, drinking 1 cup of raspberry leaf tea daily. Should I do this during the cleanse as well?

A:   Raspberry tea is always good for a woman. Up to one quart per day is common for the uterus for toning and strengthening.   It makes a lovely soda alternative with its fruity taste and you can make a pot of it and put it in the refrigerator to sip on.  Some say that you should never have more than a cup per day during pregnancy or luteal phase until the last month in your third trimester.   Others say that you should sip it through out the day.  It is best to be on the safe side and drink in moderation once you find that you may be pregnant.  It is the most used herbal tea in women’s health. Drink more ahead of time if you have a weak uterus. During the cleanse is a good time to drink more of this tea. You will find that it has a pleasant taste.  Another tea I like is Cinnamon tea because it will level blood sugar and make it easier for you to lose weight and take control over your eating habits.  You can take Red Rasberry Leaf capsules to strengthen and tone the uterus as well.  Drinking the tea has the benefit of giving you more clear liquid in your diet.

Q:   Do you carry these products in combination packs to save money?

A:   Combo kits are great for saving money and some come in larger quantities to last you the entire cleanse.   Since the cleanse can be costly, we understand every bit helps.  Definitely check out the combo kits at great savings to help with the high cost of infertility.   Feel free to contact us or visit the Beyond Fertility Catalog.

Q:   What about Omega 3,6 and 9s and/or flaxseed oils during the cleanse as well? Would it help, to make sure I get Omega 3 Fatty Acids in my system?

A:   Studies and research show EFAs like these are valuable to a woman every day of her life as well for all aspects of health. EFAs are essential to the make up of every cell.  One way to get these oils into your life more is to cook with safflower oil, eat nuts and seeds and eat cold water fish.  You can also add flax meal to shakes or cereal.

Studies have shown that in laboratory rats when EFAs were removed completely from the diet ALL pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Though we are not rats we cannot dispute the correlation between EFAs and cellular health.

Evening primrose was also researched and approved as aiding in lowering prolactin levels and lessening PMS.   This EFA is safe to use in the follicular phase (pre ovulation) but should be limited to that time only.    When pregnant, it is best to limit it and use no more than 1 TB of flaxseed oil daily to keep the delicate balance of prostaglandins in check. You can read about these more at: Essential Fatty Acids.

Q:   So what about using the castor oil pack you recommended during the cleanse? How often should this be done during the cleanse?

A:   Castor oil packs are best just before doing a heavier colon cleansing day or any day you choose for extra intense cleansing.

  • You MUST drink at least 1 gallon of water, throughout the day, to flush it through and if you want to you you may have steamed veggies at the end of the day.
  • The only other thing you should have is Sea Aloe and/or Green Barley for the maximum nutrition on these super cleansing days.  Do this on a weekend.
  • In the day: Take one or two of the helpings of Sea Aloe or Green Barley the day of your cleanse then while waiting for the cleanse to kick in.
  • Warm your belly with a hot water bottle or heating pad.
  • Take some castor oil and rub generous amounts on your belly, in a clockwise position.
  • Massage it in.
  • SIDE NOTE: Whenever you have gas rub and tap in a circle – clockwise, up to the rib cage and down and around.  This is a great tip for the times your baby might have gas some days.
  • Next take a warm towel (Turkish or a very thick towel folded) and place it over the castor oil, place saran wrap around you to hold in the heat and then put a heating pad or hot water bottle on top.
  • Leave on for an hour and and wait for things to happen, cleanse, do an enema or go for a colonic.
  • Continue to take the herbs throughout the day up to five times for a thorough one day cleanse. The castor oil will loosen fecal matter in your colon.

Q:   What if I want to use some of the essential oil, for detoxifying the body.  Anything to help cleanse! Which do you suggest?

A:   I would recommend a loofah for the whole body exfoliation and many body soaks and lavender baths.   Lavender is a wonderful relaxing friend.  You can use it when you have cramps as well as it is good for inflammation. Use it in the bath or on your pillow at night to help you sleep.

Q:   During the cleanse/shutdown period, I will probably try to utilize the info you gave about using the Moon to stimulate the pineal gland, to regulate ovulation. I’m thinking that might help my cycle.

A:   Information on this is found in greater detail on the Lights and TTC page.   Remember to put on a night light during the 3 days of the full moon if you don’t have the moon directly coming in.   If you have too much light coming in the rest of the month an eye mask would be very helpful.   Basically, your eyes and ovaries have a common connection: the Pineal gland, which is very sensitive to night lighting.

Q:   I also hope to start a regular exercise program during this time. Optimally, I could probably stand to lose about 40 pounds or so, but I want to do it the healthy way. I know it is not good to do many crash diets.

A:   For weight loss, aside from exercise, giving your body the necessary nutrients and using self control is the best option. There is NO substitute for exercise. Every heart needs proper exercise.  Here are some suggestions.

Q:   What tips do you have for women with endometriosis?

A:   Stretching and walking are very important.  Breathing deeply is also important. Breathe deep into your stomach and relax often as you do it.   This helps your uterus to properly contract and release which will help later as well (in labor). This also supplies valuable oxygen to your blood.  Consider reading about the Endometriosis Pack and see if it will be helpful for you.

I believe this should give you a good overview of what to expect.  Do not get overwhelmed. It is only 3 months, but 3 POWERFUL months for the body.  Many women find that it is freeing for them to take time off to get healthy and without the pressures of infertility obsessions.  Do NOT take time off from sex at this time.  It is a great time to get back to lovemaking versus baby making.  Your husband needs to feel that you have not forgotten the couple who wants a baby.  Some have seen good results but please remember this is just a combination of many helpful tools and it is important not to over stress this.

Now is where you feel the need to email me for more information. You may do so here.


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