Signs of Ovulation; 1, 2 and  3:

Sign 1: Mittelschmerz as a sign of ovulation

  • Mittelschmerz is one of the common symptoms of ovulation but not a good sign. It is generally associated with small cysts on the ovaries.
  • Mittelschmerz is also a post ovulation sign which is helpful if you want to know if you are ovulating but not if you are trying to conceive and looking for signs of ovulation for preconception.
  • Mittelschmerz gets its name from the pain, a twangy kind of pain in the middle of the cycle. While it is associated with ovulation it is an “afterthought” to ovulation.
  • The word mittelschmerz is German and has its roots from “mid-cycle pain”. Many may have felt this pain but never known what it was and actually some find comfort understanding the reason for this twinge at ovulation time.

Sign 2: Basal Body Temperature as a sign of ovulation
Another sign of ovulation and even pre-ovulation is found in monitoring basal body temperature. Basically, you roll over in the morning, turn off the alarm and reach for the thermometer. By lying still for the next couple minutes (until the electronic thermometer beep sounds) you can track changes in the cycle by this “baseline” temperature. Thus, it gets its name basal body temperature.

Two key things play in the role of monitoring impending ovulation when taking basal body temperature:

  1. The first sign that ovulation is possible is that temperatures “should” be lower in the beginning of the cycle. This part is known as the follicular stage. The follicular stage is named that because it is when follicles are maturing due to the hormone FSH; follicle stimulating hormone. Makes sense; right? The reason why basal temperatures are lower at this time is because estrogen too is on the rise. When estrogen rises, temps lower. While temps are low, ovulation has not happened. Just before the egg releases there is one more surge of estrogen which usually takes place. It is not guaranteed but most notice their temps making a dip and then rise. This is a wonderful example of one can easily monitor ovulation is taking place or more to the point, ovulation has just taken place. This surge shoots the egg from the ovary and one has to hope that things like cervical mucus and sperm are already in place for all things to run smoothly from this point onward.
  2. The second stage of basal body temperatures follows that dip we just learned about. The dip then rises due to the release of the egg. As soon as the egg is released it begins to release luteinizing hormone which raises basal body temperature. When progesterone rises, temps rise. Now each egg only gives off so much progesterone and that is why you will see temps drop again some time after ovulation when pregnancy has not occurred.

Though we recommend The Fertility Tracker above all other ovulation prediction devices and tests on this site, we also realize that sometimes it just seems to make sense to purchase ovulation test strips. They are cheap (in the short run but The Fertility Tracker is the better bargain over even a short time) and women are used to the pregnancy strips and therefore very popular for tracking ovulation.

Sign 3:  Cervical Mucus

The change in cervical mucus is one of the oldest known methods of tracking fertility, i.e. ovulation. Because mucus is produced when certain factors are present it is a good indicator that impending ovulation is near. The rise of sodium in the body causes changes in the alkalinity of the mucus. The right consistency and environment can make or break a cycle.  Watching for a change from non-existent, to creamy and thick to stretchy and see through is the marking that ovulation is likely to arrive and a healthy one at that. Even with cysts these signs can show but usually these are good signs that ovulation is coming soon.

There is a term called spinnbarkeit which means that the cervical fluid has a stretchy egg white kind of texture. The longer you can stretch your finger and thumb apart without breaking the “thread” the better!


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