Let’s start with the mucus part. I’ve posted a webpage below that may be hard to understand. It basically talks about the effects of l-arginine on CF patients. L-arginine is an amino acid which changes the viscosity (thickness) of mucus. This makes the semen a healthier environment.

L-arginine has many other strengths having to do with the heart, digestive tract and lungs as well.

Someone wrote to me about her husband having cystic fibrosis and thinking he should not have children. Wow, I can understand that feeling. I also see that she was caring about her baby in the way we talk about here; ahead of time.

The great news is that there ARE natural ways to overcome the large issues, like Cystic Fibrosis as well as the smaller problems like thick semen. These problems stem from the body’s inability to produce mucus properly. Let’s look at that,
shall we? The same applies to women with thick mucus so pay attention.

I immediately thought of l-arginine because I have stood behind a product I carry for years for men with thick, acidic, unhealthy semen and for women cervical mucus. The eternal search for egg-white-quality mucus.

Here is an article below that is intense but if you just read slowly is a good one. CF sufferers can benefit from it as well.

Cystic Fibrosis and L-arginine article

Natural supplements can be applied to infertility in all manners of situations. Too often we separate the body in our minds. We believe that the endocrine system and the respiratory systems are not connected, as far as need’s.
NOT so. We need water and air for every cell, right? Same with other minerals  etc.

If you are wondering “What does nitric oxide do?” Nitric oxide affects many things having to do with hormones but one of the most important things is to regulate blood flow. Blood carries oxygen around the body which diminishes the results of free radicals on the cells, making healthier cells and much more.

Oxygen also alkalizes the body. Cervical mucus is affected by hormonal changes as estrogen and FSH are on the rise.  Without alkalinity cervical mucus and semen cannot become egg-whittier.  It is in your alkaline time of the month that your cervical mucus turns from pasty to stretchy and clear. Or it SHOULD. Can you see how these things all relate to each other?  If you have a history of upper respiratory infections, for instance, my guess is that you have taken prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs to dry up mucus but what your doctor should have recommended was an alkaline diet or an alkalizing supplement.

Suppose you don’t have an alkaline time of the month? Read on and see if this is worth considering. There is always a healthy alkaline pH diet. That is for another day’s post.

If you read very far down, under “discussion” you might see where it said over a period of 6 weeks they saw a strong rise in Nitric Oxide (NO) in patients who were given the l-arginine and other helpful, healthful male herbs can be found in Fertile Male.

This is also very good for the heart and lungs.


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