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The following is from many sources such as Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition -Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Male infertility message board, A Practical Approach to herbal Extracts and others. Some of the products we carry on our website speak to these issues and therefore they are mentioned as the reasons are explained.

This is a very long list and you will not be taking all of these supplements.  They are all here to give YOU the options armed with information.  Be sure to take time and read the links highlighted. It is most important that you educate yourself to make good decisions about your health.

It is important to note that men also need proper levels of LH, FSH and testosterone, where for women  progesterone, LH and FSH  along with estrogens are tested.

Dong Quai

Dong quai is a useful for a man as a woman. Dong quai isfor blood purification which may be necessary for healthy blood flow toreproductive organs.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut is known to shrink inflammation thatcauses blockage in his “veins” which is called varicole.  This is wellmatched with the dong quai above.

Rye Pollen Extract

Rye pollen is important to theprostrate which actually becomes estrogen dominant as well for men. It is very much thesame as the uterus for a women and without proper contracting or with loweredtestosterone,  a man’s fertility diminish. One of the important factors of ReAssureis the inhibition of the binding of the male hormone 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) tothe prostate cells.

Some women’s husbands are already seeing improvement. Studies have shown that it ismore effective than saw palmetto extract.  By the waysaw palmetto is an excellent herb for both men and women.  ReAssure is a higherquality choice but not the only answer.

Here is an excerpt:

How does AIM ReAssure™ compare to other men’s healthproducts?

Saw palmetto, often combined with zinc, is sometimes used for prostate health.Saw palmetto affects men’s health through one mechanism, while pollen extracts suchas AIM ReAssure™ work through three mechanisms. Thus, pollen extracts may be moreefficient, often producing desired benefits in a shorter period of time than saw palmetto.

Bee Pollen and Saw Palmetto

Also Bee Pollen is a good choice although it is not as good as the rye pollen becausethe ReAssure is specifically tailored to a man’s prostrate needs.  See the linksbelow.

As far as saw palmetto goes, it is an excellent herb for male and
females in TTC.

Saw Palmetto helps the prostates to release, not so
much to build more but to release testosterone.  It also helps
to increase mammary gland function, in the women, which in turn
causes less irritation to the uterus and ovaries.

SP is wonderful for diabetes. Many don’t know the
commonality of diabetes and PCOS. To take these
herbs as well as sarsparilla below has been shown to be highly
beneficial to both PCOS and male factor.


Sarsparilla produces a greater amount of anabolic hormones. (which means without oxygen)so it is a testosterone builder in men and progesterone in women. It is also best used bythe nerve tissue which is a big problem with those who are infertile. it helps toeliminate uric acid (which is harsh on the kidneys and other organs) as well. This isbuilt up from coffee and stimulants like sodas as well as a highly acidic diet.

This information on SP and Sarsparilla was taken from “the little herbencyclopedia” by jack ritchason, ND

Proancynol 2000

Proancynol 2000 is an excellent product for many reasons.First of all there is so much in one little capsule.  To build cellular integrity, itfights free radicals and is a powerful combination of 3 OPCs (the most powerfulantioxidants available) 25 mg of grapeseed extract, 50 mg green tea extract, 50 mgrosemary extract.  Proancynol also 15 mg. n-acetylcysteine, 13 mg. alphs-lipoic acid,1 mg of lycopene and 100 mg of selenium. It is vital that you protect the cells from anyfree radical destruction once they are made. One important function is that it keeps themfrom sticking together as in poor motility and helps them to fully form as for poormortality.  This is one powerful little capsule.


Progesterone believe it or not also helps a man by blocking the estrogen that bindstestosterone. A man would use about 1/16 of a tsp on and off through the month. Just atiny dab will do. Rub into the hands.  This is helpful when it has been determinedthat a many has high levels of “bad” testosterone;  5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Selenium and Zinc

Selenium and Zinc (Selenium is found in high concentration in WheatSprouts) Eat LOTS ofsprouts. Deficiency causes immobile sperm with fragile tails that break off. Selenium isfound in Proancynol as mentioned above.  Selenium dramatically decreases each time aman ejaculates so it must be replaced over and over again.  It is important to get awholefood source as opposed to pharmacy style vitamins and minerals.

Zinc – even a mild deficiency of zinc can cause drastic changes in sperm count. NOTE:improper copper to zinc ratios is one reason for PMS in women. Progesteronesupplementation puts these back in balance.  Renewed BalanceProgesterone Cream

Siberian Ginseng or Rainforest Suma

Siberian Ginseng or Rainforest Suma (a cousin to Siberian Ginseng) is very importantfor stress and to the adrenals to prevent burnout. We carry a compound geared toward men(but used for both) of Ginseng and Schizandra which aids in stamina, anti stress, virilityand others.  Suma has become a noted herb these days for itsability to oxygenate the blood and therefore nourish the cells as well.


Another product to protect nerves which then protects the adrenals isComposure™which is a combination of herbs for all aspects ofthe body.  In fertility, when you nourish the nerves and nerve endings you nourishthe endocrine system.  This is a great way to get a combination of herbs in one.

B Vitamins

Lack of B vitamins (found in high amounts in Rye Pollenand Bee Pollen) can cause a reduction of pituitary function in male and females. Theystimulate the production of LH and FSH, raise progesterone production, provide proper RNAand DNA function in the cells (this means making sure each cell has all the genetic infoneeded to reproduce properly), and they also stimulates sperm production and testosteronesecretion.  Many research studies have been done on vitamin B6, an important vitaminfor fertility but not enough has been seen to do with B12.  B12 is vital to the nervefunction and lack of B12 is commonly confused mistakenly with B6deficiency.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very very important to both but especially to men. It benefits the liningcells of the testes’ seminiferous tubules – and these cells are the developing sperm. Veryimportant: you can overdose on Vitamin A supplements but NOT on Vitamin A carotene foundfrom juicing or eating carrots. We carry a supplement which is a pure carrot juice indehydrated form to add to water called Just Carrots.  Althoughthis is an excellent life changing supplement it is our first recommendation to suggestjuicing as a way of life to everyone!  You will never be sorry for a day you juice.  Juicing carrots has been very successful for many women and men coming through ourgroup when used to increase semen and cervical mucus.

Herbal Release

Herbal Release I talk about often and is very important tocleansing the organs that have been overloaded with toxins and spilled over from theoverload of the lymphatic system and tissues throughout the body. It is so vital tocleanse the lymphatic system or disease and toxins keep recirculating through the body andinto the major organs including reproductive organs.

For a man it is even more important (although important to both) because hisreproduction is all glandular function and keeping the glands clean is vital.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C 1000mg per day raised levels of sperm count by 140% in the first week in onestudy. Vitamin C should be taken with Bioflavonoids for proper absorption.  Considera wholefood supplement or juicing but do not use standard pharmacy vitamins as they willbother the stomach lining and chewables will erode enamel off your teeth.  Thiscauses sensitivity.

Cranberry juice

Clean kidneys is essential also so that zinc is not lost through urine. The kidneys areconsidered the source of fertility in TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Cranberryjuice (pure) is good for men withurination problems which can be an early sign of prostrate problems.  Also,you can try UvaUrsi, the herb most used for the kidneys and a combination liquid herbal calledUrine Health.  Here is a simple test to see if yourkidneys may need a boost – place your finger 1″ above the belly button and feel thetemperature.  Then place the same finger 2″ below the belly button and see ifthe temperature is colder, hotter or about the same.  If it is not the same it istime to help the kidneys.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids that are necessary for men in even higher amounts than women. One reason is for theintegrity of each cell. It will lend the proper elasticity to the cells and preventcapillary fragility just as the bioflavonoids do.

Fertility Formula

1 ounce tincture of siberian ginseng root (or suma from the rainforest – the highestform)
1/2 ounce each – tinctures of fresh oats and raspberry leaves
Combine ingredients. Take 1 dropperful twice a day.

Taken from the Book: Herbs for Health and Healing

Supplement Therapy

antioxidants beta-carotene, zinc and vitamins C  and E can increase sperm countand motility.

At least 1000 mg of C, 400 to 800 mg of E and 15 mg of beta-carotene and 30 to 60 mg ofzinc daily.

Arginine, Cysteine, Methionine

Taken from the Book: New Choices in Natural Healing


Astragalus Extract – 1/2 to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day or as directed by manufacturer orherbalist or 2-4 ml

Black Cohosh Extract – 1/2 to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day or as directed by manufactureror herbalist or Tincture – 15 to 60 drops

Pasque Flower Tincture – 20 drops, three times per day or as directed by manufactureror herbalist.

Please ask us about any of these things by email. What are you doing for yourself? Areyou cleansing or properly feeding your digestive tract, colon, liver and lymphatic system?  This is the key to avoiding ALL disease; keeping clean and eating what brings life.  Remember, life begets life.

You can order many of these products in our catalog store.


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