Estrogen Dominance is also called Estrogen Dominance Syndrome EDS. It is commonly misunderstood in that most women think it means they have too much estrogen or they say “My estrogen is low, so that cannot be my answer.” The truth is that estrogen dominance merely means that estrogen is dominant out of balance in relation to progesterone.

Some symptoms of estrogen dominance may seem like something you have had for a long time and never thought it was anything but a pain.

  • PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Allergies – believe it or not allergies can be from hormonal imbalance. Hormones out of whack are a very common reason.
  • Decreased sex drive – Now this is a bummer if you are trying to conceive and even if you are not, it is not a good thing for a marriage.
  • Depression – Think about how many women you may know who are on prescriptions for depression who might use a boost from natural progesterone cream instead.
  • Foggy thinking – Also related to the adrenals it is frustrating and confusing. Many women in peri-menopause or menopausal years fear they are starting to lose their minds due to their foggy thinking.
  • Cyclic headaches – This means they seem to come and go with your cycle. Hormones spiking can even cause migraines.
  • Weight gain, especially around the middle or hard to lose weight. This can come from a hormonal imbalance due to raised cortisol levels which will then affect estrogen and progesterone levels.
  • Fibrocystic breasts – Do you have bumps on your nipples that are similar to pimples?

These are just the beginning few. We have many more to share with you.

Read on about what to do for EDS – Estrogen Dominance Syndrome.


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