Foods High in Inositol
NOT the drug d-Chiro-inositol but the REAL inositol stuff!

Quantities are approximated per 100 grams of food stuff, which is a little under 3.57+ oz.(each oz is 28 grams) 1,200 milligrams of Inositol was the therapeutic dose used in testing of the drug d-chiro-inositol (chemically carried inositol).

The first column is the milligrams of inositol in each 100 grams of the food. The second column is the grams of food you would have to consume to get 1200 milligrams of inositol. To put it simply: in 4 oz of soy lecithin you get almost twice the amount needed daily whereas with beef you would need 1 1/2 lbs per day. As you go down the table you need higher amounts of the food but the other benefits of the foods are not factored in here. Consider that when eating a balanced diet.

The grams needed column was rounded to the nearest 1/100th since it becomes arbitrary at that point. (tests done showed numbers extended well past 1/100ths place.) Remember to divide grams needed by 28 to figure out how many oz. would equal grams needed.

Food source Mg/100 grams of this food Grams needed
soya lecithin 2,100 57.14
This has been a popular new trend in infertility circles around the web for help with anovulation.
chickpeas 760mg 157.89
brown rice 700 mg 171.43
wheat germ 690 mg 173.91
lentils 410 mg 292.68
barley 390 mg 307.69
veal/liver 340 mg 352.94
oats 320 mg 375.00
torula yeast 270 mg 444.44
beef 260 mg 461.54
alfalfa 240 mg 500.00
oranges 210 mg 571.43
peanuts 210 mg 571.43
molasses 180 mg 666.67
whole wheat 170 mg 705.88
peas 160 mg 750.00
grapefruit 150 mg 800.00
strawberries 95 mg 1,263.18
cauliflower 92 mg 1,304.35

Some of the foods above, such as peas and lentils should be eaten within reason as for instance only about 1 1/2 – 2 cups per week of peas is a safe normal amount. More than this can impair fertility rather than enhance it.

Because it is difficult to take in higher amounts of inositol, many have chosen a soya lecithin supplement, in soft gel caps, gel caps or granules.

Below is the part you’d have to investigate to discover about d-chiro-inositol. The part they forget to tell you about the drugs containing this component. The list below is from a prescription company ready to release a new insulin resistance drug.  Inositol is not the problem BUT THE CARRIER is. Those who become pregnant too early just because they take a drug that allows ovulation is also the problem. The d-chiro part is what no one can seem to find clear findings on because it is inositol WITH a carrier.

It is our opinion that a quick fix is not usually a fix but a mask which often leads to worse problems while trying to mask the truth. This small but important list is what most are forgetting to include when they sing the praises of the drug. See the Glucophage (Metformin) page for a list of side effects as well.

From Insmed’s website:

Symptoms vary based on a woman’s genetic makeup, so that no two women are affected exactly the same way. Symptoms can include:

  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Impaired fertility
  • Higher miscarriage rates
  • Increased hair growth and acne
  • Obesity
  • Abnormal insulin action
  • Heart disease
  • Breast milk secretion Information about the glycemic index. Learn about how to balance sugar in your body naturally.


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