Concerning the Ho-Shou-Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) also known in the U.S. as Fo-Ti-Tieng:
Ho Shou Wu is a fantastic adaptogen.

(Read about what adaptogens in our herbal glossary.

If you take it in large enough quantities you will likely experience some or all of the following:

* Strengthening your liver and kidneys.  Ho Sho Wu behaves aggressively in getting your body to fire up its vital force and energy.
* Notice improvement in blood sugar levels.  When the liver is strengthened blood glucose levels are maintained more effectively by the body.
* Notice you feel a sense of calm come over you more often.  You can deal more effectively with stress.
* Notice a significant change in energy levels.  As part of your fertility therapy ho sho wu helps because it works on the energy zones of the body, especially the kidney-liver realm.  It is the liver and kidneys that control fertility aspects.

Think of what this herb can do for you. Because of how Ho-Shou-Wu works for both male and female infertility both husband and wife can benefit from its use.  There is a special energy that goes back and forth between people when they are in close physical contact.
Studies of this herb have shown that this herbal energy works ten-fold during lovemaking and the energy is actually exchanged between husband and wife during this time. While taking Ho Shou Wu you may find your husband’s closeness brings about healing in a way all its own.

Ho-Shou-Wu is also strengthening to your body’s structuring design such as bone, ligaments, tendons, etc.
While taking a few capsules a day is helpful, it is really NOT ideal for these desired effects. It is better to take about 10-15 grams a day for the best results.

I think most people who just read about it and follow the directions on the bottle are not taking it the way Ho-Shou-Wu should be taken. It is a very safe herb to take and is one of those herbs that if you had a choice of only one herb in the world to take, this would be an excellent choice as it seems to help bring about vital energy and healing to every
part of the body.

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