Most women on the internet who are searching day and night to find fertility answers to infertility problems have read about natural progesterone cream.  Do most women understand the subject of natural progesterone, progesterone the hormone or what progesterone cream even IS?  NO.  That is my answer and I’ll stick to it.

I have been helping couples overcoming infertility; naturally, since 1998.  The reason we have so many couples overcoming infertility is because we don’t spend time sprinkling invisible baby dust but rather, we teach couples why they are infertile and what to do about it. We are going to give you an envelope of baby dust free with an order but we are going to help you to feel great about what information you are armed with and will use to better your health.

There is one thing that I have found, of ALL the products, herbs, supplements and gadgets that helps most every couple who crosses the threshold of our fertility websites; PROGESTERONE CREAM and I mean Natural Progesterone Cream.

Why?  Because at the top of the mineral deficiency list is always Calcium and the top of the hormones lacking is usually progesterone.  I say usually because it does depend on pre or post menopause.  At Happy PMS Cream . com you will find a wonderfully effective natural progesterone cream with all natural ingredients and very popular in fertility/TTC circles.

It is one of the 3 creams we recommend for TTC and in our Cleansing for TTC Shutdown; all time and effectiveness tested.


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